How does it work ?

Step 1:   Complete and sign the Instruction form HERE .

Step 2:   E-mail the Instruction form with supporting documents to

(You are welcome to e-mail us all documents which our Conveyancers can sign on your behalf. This includes the Draft Deed (flysheet), electronic Transfer Duty Receipt, electronic Rates Clearance Certificate,  Section 15B(3) Conveyancer Certificate  and Section 42(1) Conveyancer Certificates etc.

Step 3:   Courier all other documents, such as documents signed by your clients (i.e. Power of Attorney), original consents (i.e. Homeowners Association Consent) and original Deeds to our offices.

Step 4:   Receive our regular reports and requests for your instructions as we examine, prepare the documents and arrange lodgement.

Step 5:   Receive real time notices from the Deeds Office at each stage: lodged, preparation, held-over, hand-in and registered as per your instructions.

Step 6:   Pay our flat fee and expenses on receipt of our invoice.

What are the flat fees?



R1 – R100 000


R100 001 – R500 000

R1 000

R500 001 – R1 000 000

R2 000

R1 000 001 – R2 000 000

R3 000

R2 000 001 – R3 000 000

R4 000

R3 000 001 – R4 000 000

R5 000

R4 000 001 – R5 000 000

R6 000

Over R5 000 000

R7 000



What is not included in the flat fees ?

Deeds Office fees and expenses

As per Deeds Office Regulations

Deeds office dedicated clerks, lodgement covers and petty expenses

R200-00 per cover

Application for Transfer Duty Receipts

R650-00 (program costs included)

Electronic Application for Rates Clearance Certificates

R650-00 (program costs included)

Drafting of additional documents for lodgement

R100 per page

Drafting of Transfer document on Lexis Convey

R850-00 (program costs included)

Conveyancing transactions (other than transfers and bonds)

10% of prescribed fees

Requests for Deeds Office rulings, discussions with examiners, black bookings, restorations, expedited registrations and deliveries

As per pre-agreed fee

What if there is an error in one of the lodgement documents ?

All documents will be examined and potential errors reported to you. We will amend and rectify the errors as per your instructions, without sending any documents back to you if possible. Any changes made to the documents will be confirmed with you prior to lodgement.

What happens of the documents are rejected by the deeds office?

Although our Conveyancers are experts in the field and have more than 20 years conveyancing experience, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that Deeds will not be rejected by the Deeds Office. In the event of a rejection, we will immediately discuss the notes with you and rectify the error as per your instructions, without sending any documents back to you if possible.

What are the benefits of using us as Correspondents ?

  • Make use of modern technology to simplify the Conveyancing process by doing everything that can be done virtually.
  • Pay a flat fee, which is less than the “old school” percentage.
  • Stop wasting time by sending documents between offices.
  • Benefit from our dedicated and experienced Conveyancers. 

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